School Site Council

The purpose of the School Site Council is to advise the school principal and to develop/approve the Single Plan for School Achievement (SPSA), formerly known as the School Improvement Plan.  This plan describes the goals and priorities for Nordstrom School and outlines the action plan to achieve these goals. The School Site Council reviews prior budget results and establishes the new budget to reflect changing priorities and improvement needs.

The membership of the School Site Council includes a broad range of parents and staff who represent the socioeconomic and ethnic groups of the school.  Through the use of monthly meetings the members discuss/prioritize school budget items, analyze school test scores, and review staff development activities.

Role of a School Site Council Member:

  • Carry out the legislative requirement of a School Site Council
  • Discuss issues and programs and make decisions
  • Improve communication
  • Development site leadership
  • Develop the Single Plan for Achievement.
  • Share information
  • Attend eight – 1 hour meetings during the school year.

Meeting Minutes: