Update on Budget Reductions and Staffing Adjustments

Update on Budget Reductions and Staffing Adjustments

Dear Morgan Hill Unified Community,

Like many districts in California, Morgan Hill Unified School District was fortunate to receive one-time COVID 19 (ESSER funds) relief funds to address the impacts the pandemic had on our school community. Those funds will be fully expended at the end of the 2023-2024 school year.  Additionally, our state economy has retracted resulting in significant loss of projected funds to our district for the 2024-2025 school year. We have been engaging in months-long budget reduction conversations focused on maintaining academic and long-term financial stability guided by our underlying principles of our district’s Local Control Accountability Plan Goals, 8 State Priorities (Conditions for Learning, Engagement and Student Learning), and a continued focus on district wide instructional improvement efforts.

For the 2024-2025 school year, our Board approved and directed us to implement $5.5 million in budget reductions by staffing our schools according to projected enrollment, reducing some of our Teachers on Special Assignment (those who will not continue as TOSAs will return to their classroom teaching positions), reduction of two elementary Assistant Principal positions, two academic counselors, four school office assistant positions supporting our secondary Wellness centers, Coordinator of Wellness, collapsing two administrative positions into one, freezing administrator vacancies (e.g., Director of Secondary), transferring some positions to new grants we have received, 10% reduction of district and site discretionary allocations, as well as a reduction of district wide contracts.

Our top priority is to minimize the impact of these fiscal adjustments on our students and classrooms. To this end, we will be applying an equity approach and partnering with our Teachers, Academic Counselors, Wellness staff, Classified, and Administrator teams to co-design a plan that focuses on continuous academic and administrative support for our students. 

We thank you for your continued commitment to our students and our community. Together with our Board of Trustees, we remain dedicated to providing the best possible education for each and every student in our district, each and every day.



Dr. Carmen García