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Parking, Drop-off & Pick-up

Parking Lot Procedures for

Student Drop-off and Pick-up

To ensure our students’ safety, we provide the following procedures for daily arrival and pick-up. Please remember to drive slow and be courteous to staff and volunteers assisting in our traffic flow.

— Thank you.

  1. No visitor parking in the diagonal spaces facing the black fence between 7:00 and 8:00 AM and between 12:30 and 2:15 PM. This area becomes a “Drop-off/Pick-up” lane. If cars are not moved, we must do a PA announcement to the entire school looking for the owner of the car. ALL classes are disrupted when this happens. We appreciate your help in keeping instructional time from being interrupted.
  2. “Visitor” parking spaces have been clearly marked in the main parking lot. When entering the school office to sign-in, please bring your car license number or vehicle description. This will be required when you register in the office.
  3. There are two lanes for entering into the parking lot. The right lane is for westbound Dunne Ave. traffic making a right into the parking lot. The left lane is for eastbound Dunne Ave. traffic making a left turn from across the center-divide into the parking lot. Upon exiting, please form one line so that merging out into oncoming traffic is safely executed into the furthest most right lane on westbound Dunne Ave.
  4. Never leave your car unattended in the ‘bus/fire lane’ (the drive through closest to office with the red curb). This is a FIRE and Emergency Vehicle lane and must be kept accessible at all times.
  5. Please pull as far forward as possible and stay in your car at all times when in the Drop-off/Pick-up lanes. Do not stop inside of a crosswalk, please wait behind or pull completely through the cross walk zone. For pick-up, please place your student-name tag on visor of car to help expedite student pick-up.
  6. If dropping off students on Dunne Ave. please do not double-park any parked cars and allow children to cut through. This is very unsafe for children and may cause traffic backups along Dunne and possible accidents. If MHPD is observing at that time, they have stated that you will be ticketed.
  7. Use marked crosswalks when walking through the parking lot. For safety, do not walk across driveway or between cars during arrival / dismissal times.


Please proceed with the utmost caution and patience to ensure the safety of our children. They are our first and foremost concern.

Thank you very much,

The Nordstrom School Community